Wednesday, October 1, 2008

in residence, den haag, netherlands

label is on mini-hold while i'm in the netherlands from sept. 1st
till the end of october.

already working on a bunch of new releases, including that illusive
split series with lieven from Taped Sounds. we had a good discussion
about it and i think we'll be back on track!

also met pascal from the band part wild horses mane on both sides.
he also runs Rayon records and we're going to work on doing some
split releases together. got some tapes from him i hope to listen to
and review for the cassette gods blog (i just posted a few new ones,
check em out!)

new stuff out NOW;
Pak "fill" c15
Snack Attack "slowed heat" vol. 1 and 2 c30 and c35
Mudboy "mudbeats #3 (metal usa)" c40
Blue Shift "Ghost Singers 3" c25
Floris Vanhoof "a fudge too much" c42
God Willing "On Dishless Days" c18
Ducktails 7"
Bromp Treb "Twins" 7"
Defneg "FARTF" c30
Defneg "Sniff The Mic" cdr
DJ Cashman and Snack Attack "Duo Dimension" mixtape c60

coming soon:
Jacob Berendes "Slow Rodents" mixtape cdr
Attitude Problem LP
Bul Bul "Armes Kleine" cassette

after that:
LRad (Keith Waters, dreamhouse) 7" (corelease w/ bonescraper)
Vom Grill (dennis tyfus) 7"

website update soon.